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Ugo Paulon is a project to create the most valuable and distinctive outcome with the least possible use of virgin materials.

The result is a range of upcycled shoes and bags that are handmade from carefully sourced vintage shoes, secondhand materials and reclaimed fabrics. The fabrics are all dyed and printed by hand so the mismatching aesthetic is to an extent the result of experimentation during a piece’s production process.

As a result, each pair of shoes can and will vary in sizes, shape, heel, materials and colours. Due to the nature of the up-cycling practice, a degree of imperfection must be expected and appreciated.

Post-consumer materials are always prioritized in the construction of every piece, with the aim to eliminate the use of any virgin materials.

The name Ugo Paulon originates from the merged usernames of different eBay sellers from whom some of the first vintage shoes were bought.

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