Ugo Paulon is a purpose-led footwear project, utilising pre-existing and recycled materials as much as possible.

- The name Ugo Paulon originates from the merged usernames of different eBay sellers from whom some of the first vintage shoes were bought to be upcycled -

To minimise the environmental impact of its production, is based on the simple philosophy; that restrictions drive innovation and creativity when they present a motivating challenge.

Ugo Paulon’s collections are based on the availability of dead stock and repurposed materials, much like its early prototypes were made from vintage shoes and second hand fabrics sourced on eBay.

Similar to ‘objet trouvé’ art pieces, Ugo Paulon’s characteristic aesthetics are influenced by this reversed design process.

The spiral present in the logo and prints is such a positive symbol of awareness, growth and change and is so universal across cultures and in nature. It also represent looking inwards and revisiting forgotten ressources within. Besides appearing in prints, the Ugo Paulon signature swirl has been rematerialised as a trim developed with sculptor and jeweller Freya Douglas Ferguson.